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Digital Review & Roadmap Strategy (DRR).
Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Your brand team has no shortage of creative ideas, but you can’t seem to find the best way to connect with your customers or provide them with a digital experience that leaves a lasting impression after the campaign has ended.   

You’re struggling with optimizing your marketing ROI and identifying market differentiation in the digital space.  

You are struggling to understand the real impact of your current digital activities, and are unsure if you are getting a return on your investment....
You might need some help with your digital strategy!
To the man who doesn't know where he is going or how to get there, anywhere is the right direction.

In order to build a practical digital strategy, it’s important to first understand how well your existing digital marketing campaigns stack up against your objectives, those of your competitors, as well as your industry. 

Are you driving ROI from your current Digital activities and Campaigns?

Are you on the right track with relevant benchmarks and quality standards?

Are you getting the business results at the right costs?

Our digital strategy team takes you through this process step-by-step with sound reporting & analytics skills.
What is DRR?

Our Digital Review & Roadmap Strategy service is a strategy sprint consultation service, designed to help brands develop a hand-in-glove strategy to drive their digital marketing activities.

Here's how it works: 
1. We connect on a 3 hour meeting or call, to better understand your business, your customers as well as your digital marketing needs, 
2. We co -create a solid strategy that is poised to drive your marketing goals. 
3. We document our process and proposition, and proceed to develop a 12-month rollout plan  to implement the developed strategy.

This strategy takes place over a 3 hour period, and a document detailing the strategy is developed and shared with you to implement as you deem fit. 

Whoever you choose to implement the strategy with, is entirely up to you.
Our Focus Industries
Over the last 10 years, we have built some considerable digital experience, working with these 10 industries:

  • ​Consumer Packaged Goods
  • ​Retail Businesses
  • ​Food Brands.
  • ​Healthcare & OTC Pharmaceuticals
  • ​Residential Real Estate.
  • Ecommerce Businesses
  • ​Travel & Tourism
  • ​Insurance
  • ​Banking and Financial Services
  • Technology - Saas | Fintech | BNPL | Trading Platforms

How It Works
State of Brand Report 
We will initiate the relationship by conducting a State of Brand Online Audit. 

This exercise is aimed at outlining and establishing where the brand is today - in terms of online assets, search share, online properties available, engagement rate, online market share, ROI of current digital marketing efforts, etc.

 This is aimed at understanding the company’s current footprint, possibilities, as well as marketing challenges , and this will inform the scope of work needed to achieve the brand’s objectives.

Digital Landscape and Industry Analysis
We then proceed to extend our fact-finding to the Nigerian landscape and industry, in a bid to understand the market size and potential, digital possibilities, current customer behaviour and trends, industry marketing challenges, and opportunities for leverage and amplification of growth in the industry.
Keyword and Social Search Analysis
We intend to launch a social analytics campaign, aimed at understanding, in the customer’s own voice, what the customer thinks about the brand and its product/services.

 This is aimed at understanding the current brand bias in the minds of thousands or millions of customers.

RoadMap Definition
In this phase, we will take a deep dive into the company’s value proposition, and see how it stacks in the industry, noting the trends and market movers. 

We will use that information, as well as insights garnered from our collection of case studies, to co-create the core digital marketing offer or hook, that we believe gives us our best chances of launching the campaign that drives the next level of digital growth for the business.
Rollout Plan.
We will then collate our findings to create a rollout plan - a 12 month execution plan, detailing how best to implement this strategy, its Milestones, KPIs, and experiments, as well as noting key moments to pause or even abort the plan.

Along with the recordings of the meeting, these findings will be collated into a strategy and budget document and shared with you and your brand/management team.

There are 3 outcomes here:

1. You implement it In-house.
2. You give it to an existing partner to execute
3. We implement it for you.

Whatever you choose to do, is up to you.

Cost: NGN 250,000
Who is this service Ideal for?

Our services are usually a good fit for brands and businesses that:
  • Have an existing marketing department with at least 1 person.
  • Have worked with a traditional or digital agency in the past.
  • Have a large enough customer lifetime value to support and sustain marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis.
  • Have some experience working with digital agencies/consultants.
  • Have the financial resources to sustain digital marketing initiatives for a minimum of 12 - 24 months, revisable every 6 months.
  • Have a dedicated/Semi-dedicated brand/marketing department or lead.
  • Currently spend or plan to spend between $1,500 - $25,000 per month in digital marketing.
  • Have worked on a digital activity in some capacity in the last 18 months.
  • Have a dedicated marketing budget on an annual basis.
  • Understand and appreciate the value of digital marketing and social media.
If you don’t have all of these, you can definitely still drive great value from this, but we have found that in our experience, this criteria fits the brands that can drive the most value from this service
If you proceed to implement a campaign with us, 
we will offer you a full refund for the digital strategy.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the strategy session last?
A typical DDRR Strategy service will last about 3 hours, preferably in - person, (although Virtual works as well) where we will discuss the brand/business needs in detail, and come up with a roadmap on how to proceed. 

How much does the strategy cost?
The DDRS service costs 250 thousand Naira for the strategy sprint service.

What if I don't like the strategy?
If you truly believe that the strategy isn't a great fit for your brand, we are happy to give back a full refund of your funds. No hard feelings, no strings attached.

What if I give the implementation of the campaign to another agency?
You are absolutely free to execute the strategy with whatever agency or consultant you choose. You can even run it in-house. It is your strategy after all.

What if I want to give the implementation of the campaign to your agency?
we would net off the complete cost of strategy (250k) from the cost of execution. so in essence, you are getting the strategy for free in return for giving us the implementation project.

If I sign up for the service, how soon before we can get started?
I believe 3-7 days is required, to do our own research before the process begins. Please note that you will be required to fill a survey, a few days before our strategy sprint meeting.

About Markova Creative
Who We Are

We are a digital marketing agency, in the business of helping brands and businesses engineer moments, and activities that attract, engage and convert sub saharan consumers online.

We do this by leveraging the best of digital strategies, learnings, platforms, tools and technologies, as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of our target audiences.

We have been around for about 10 years, and have worked with dozens of brands on hundreds of campaigns,  to drive winning digital campaigns. Let's work together, and craft your way to digital dominance.
Our Philosophy
If you’ve handled digital marketing campaigns or activities in the past, you would agree that the only thing that matters, in the short, mid or long term is results.

Not packaging, not flashy powerpoint presentations, not british accents. Just measurable, quantifiable results that move the needle directly, or indirectly.

Results. That’s ALL we do.

And that’s why we do things a little differently.

For instance, we believe in brutal honesty, in dealing with our clients, sometimes even at our expense. 

We also believe it is best to align at the beginning, but also leave room for flexibility, as marketing is dynamic, and continuous optimisation is critical to success of any campaign.

Finally, we believe it is important to give the right expectations, so alignment across board is achieved, and we all have a good idea of what to expect - best case, average case or worst case ( and yes, not all campaigns are runaway successes).

Present & Past Clients
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